UE Label Night @ Flat 0/1

Friday 05th August 2016





Unknown Entity as a record label has been self-releasing original tracks now for almost 1 year an


More information on UE –

Conveyors of forward thinking techno, Glasgow-based duo Unknown Entity originated from some of the darkest dancefloors in Scotland. A devotee of the genre since his youth, DJ and promoter Derek Peace joined forces 4 years ago with producer Andrew Langfield, whose debut release on Prime Numbers was remixed by Berlin house-techno legend Move D. Langfield, under his wireman moniker also appeared on a split EP with Actress and BE and has released on Manchester’s Inner Surface Music alongside label mates Patrick Walker, AnD, Tom Dicicco, Sunil Sharpe and Inigo Kennedy.
The concept and inspiration for the duo’s ever-expanding paranoid soundtrack was borne of recurring episodes of sleep paralysis. A dark figure which regularly appeared to Langfield during these experiences spurred the pair into a musical exploration of the waking-dream phenomena.
Counting the likes of Ancient Methods, Raime and Shakleton among their musical influences, the live performance act contributes a rare breed of primal techno to the Scottish scene.
The Unknown Entity venture also extends to record label and production arms, with support from The Zenker Brothers // Clouds // Perc // Scalamyria // Sunil Sharpe // Substance aka DJ Pete // Forward Strategy Group // Ingen // Pär Grindvik // Orde Meikle // Markus Suckut // Martyn Hare // Rivet // Quail // Takaaki Itoh // Ryuji Takeuchi // Surit (NX1) to name a few.


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